aVe Anejo Tequila


Añejo means "aged" in Spanish. To become an Añejo Tequila, Blanco Tequila must be aged in oak barrels for a MINIMUM of 1 year. We age YaVe Blanco Tequila in oak barrels for 18 months; creating the smooth, yet bold, YaVe Añejo Tequila. The extra 6 months in oak gives YaVe Añejo Tequila the amazing aroma of burnt honeycomb and a well rounded mouthfeel, with a mild honey oak finish.

YaVe Añejo Tequila was crafted with the sophisticated whiskey connoisseur & fine cognac drinker in mind. We've created the perfect sipping Tequila for all to enjoy.

YaVe Añejo Tequila
Alc: 40% Alc./Vol (80 Proof)
Color: Mayan Gold
Smell: Burnt honeycomb, with a whiff of chocolate
Taste: Well rounded mouthfeel, with a mild honey oak finish. Made with the sophisticated whiskey / cognac drinker in mind.

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